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Choosing a Nail Shape

You have more than just a polish color to select during your next manicure. Choosing the right nail shape is just as important as selecting a great polish. There are five basic nail shapes: oval, round, square, square-oval (squoval), and pointed/stiletto. The key to choosing the best shape for you is to look at the shape of the nail bed where your cuticle is, or look at the shape of the lunula (the moon-shaped white area at the base of your nail). Choose the shape of your nail tip according to the shape of your nail bed or the lunula.

The OVAL shape is elegant and flattering on just about everyone. Oval is perfect for wide short fingers because it creates the illusion of longer digits.

The ROUND shape is idea for short nails and is an excellent base for rocking beautiful dark lacquers.

The SQUARE shape is a classic and best suited for long narrow fingers. Keep the nail length medium to long though because going short can make fingers appear stocky and stumpy.

SQUOVAL is one of the most popular nail shapes and is a good choose for short fingers. It combines the best of both worlds- the classic square with the graceful oval.

POINTED/STILETTO is a favorite among celebrities and those who dare to stand out. This shape makes the fingers appear long and slender. However, nails are prone for easy breakage because the sides are filed away. Pointed/stiletto is best achieved on artificial nails.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a shape. When in doubt, let your personal sense of style guide you.

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