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Get Your Glow Back!

Did you know that your skin constantly renews itself by generating new skin cells? New cells start in the lower layer (dermis) and rise to the surface layer (epidermis) to replace older skin cells that die and slough off. This process, known as cell turnover, slows down as we age. Unfortunately, when turnover slows down skin cells pile up on the surface causing skin to appear flat, rough, dry and dull. So how do you get rid of dead surface skin cells… how do you get your glow back? Exfoliation, that’s how! Regular exfoliation not only contributes to glowing skin, but it also helps improve the penetration of skin products like moisturizers and serums.

Exfoliation should be a part of your skin care regime. Here are the steps:

  1. Cleanse your face to remove impurities

  2. Wet your face and apply a facial scrub

  3. Gently rub your face using circular motions- avoid the eye area

  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry

  5. Apply a moisturizer

When shopping for exfoliation scrubs, avoid products tagged “body scrubs” because they are too abrasive for the face. How often you should exfoliate really depends on your skin type. However, no more than twice a week is the general rule of thumb.

If you have questions about exfoliation or would like to improve your skin’s appearance, call us at 404-974-6964 to schedule an appointment.

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