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How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color

With so many beautiful nail polish colors out there, choosing the right shade for you can be tricky and overwhelming. Decisions, decisions!

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Where should you start? Start with your skin tone. Knowing which colors flatter your skin tone will take you one step closer to discovering that perfect shade of polish.

Very Fair Skin (pale skin tone): Good polish choices for you include those in the pastel family such as light pink, peach and baby blue. If you want to go dark, go for navy blue and midnight blue. Dark reds and pinks are great choices too. Avoid black and sheer or ‘invisible’ colors as they will most likely blend in with your skin tone.

Fair Skin: You can wear just about any shade of polish. The ones that flatter you most include corals, pinks, fuchsia, royal blue and berry colors such as strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. You can also pull of darker shades of red and orange. Want to stand out? Then go for white, silver or a sleek and shimmery metallic chrome. Avoid dark colors with the exception of red and orange.

Medium Skin (olive complexion): Your go-to colors are deep berry shades, orange tinted reds, taupe, neon pink, and primary blue colors. Bright orange, lilac and silver look good on you too. Ditch colors like dark purple and dark blue.

Dark Skin: Deep and rich shades look dramatic against your skin. Burgundy, dark green, dark red, bright orange, and chocolaty shades are sure to turn heads. Feeling adventurous? Then try cobalt blue, cooper, gold and banana yellow. Beware of light pastels as they can look washed out.

Your nails communicate to others your personality and style. When it comes to selecting a nail polish color, the truth is just about every color suits every skin tone. Confidence is the key to pulling it off!

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