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First ImPRESS-ons

The Powder Room nail apparel is perfect for anyone who wants beautiful nails instantly. Our press-on nails are handmade using quality products. 

We highly recommend that you order a sizing kit to determine your nail sizes.

Sizing kits are available in our offered lengths and shapes. Each kit contains 10 different sized nails for you to try on to determine your perfect fit. ​  

Order for Immediate Shipping

OR schedule a nail sizing appointment at the salon.

Nail Pic_edited.jpg

Another sizing option to consider is measuring your nails. Free printable rulers are available online.   

Step 1

Hold the measuring tape at the widest part of your nail and measure horizontally from one side to the other.     

Step 2

Record the measurements from thumb to pinky in millimeters. If you are between millimeters, it is best to round up.


1 line = 1 millimeter    

Step 3

Use the Measurement Chart below to find the nail size for each finger. For example, short almond, 12 mm = size 1.


Measure BOTH hands. Compare your measurements against the preset size categories to determine your size (XS, S, M, or L). The numbers go from thumb to pinky.


If you have a nail size that does not match the number in the size group, leave a note at checkout letting us know the finger, nail size, and hand (right/left). 

IMPORTANT: Preset sizing categories are standard and do not guarantee a perfect fit. A sizing kit is highly recommended. We do not offer refunds or exchanges if the wrong size is ordered.

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