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Ready to put your best foot (and hand) forward?  A professional manicure and pedicure is a great way to keep nails and the skin on hands and feet looking healthy and beautiful.  When it comes to nail care, your health and safety are top priority at The Powder Room.  Files and buffers are a one-time use; implements are sterilized, sealed in a protective pouch and placed in a UV sterilizer.  Handwashing is prior to any manicure service - if we don't ask you and you don't see us, your manicure is free.

Mobile Services Travel Fee  

We bring The Powder Room experience to you (nail polish display, aromatherapy, relaxing music)


$20 (within a 25 mile radius of Atlanta airport)  / $1 per mile after 25 miles

Travel fee includes travel, set-up and break-down.




The Powder Room Basic     $20

Our basic service includes nail shaping, cuticle care, moisture butter application and polish.

* Ages 10 and under     $10

The Powder Room Classic     $25

During this service, Shea Butter Gloves are worn for deep-moisturizing skin care.  Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, essential oil scrub with warm towel removal, moisture butter rub, and polish. 

The Powder Room Ultimate     $35 

A facial for the hands.  Our classic manicure with steam exfoliation, hydrating mask and warm mitts.

Collagen Manicure     $45

This intense hydration treatment comes with a steam exfoliation of the hands and forearms.  Hands are slipped into Collagen and Vitamin E enriched gloves and then placed in warm mitts.  Includes nail and cuticle care, relaxing massage, and polish.

Gel Polish     $20 

A chip free polish that lasts up to 2 weeks (does not include nail shaping and cuticle care)

Add to any manicure     $15

Gel Polish Removal     $10 / $5 with gel reapplication

Hands and cuticles are nourished with an essential oil blend and slipped into warm mitts.



The Powder Room Basic     $30

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, light massage and polish.

* Ages 10 and under     $20

The Powder Room Classic     $38

Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, essential oil scrub (feet and lower leg), hydrating massage, and polish. 


The Powder Room Ultimate     $45

A facial for the feet.  Includes nail and cuticle care, steam exfoliation, nourishing foot mask with warm towels, relaxing massage, and polish.  

Collagen Pedicure     $55

The ultimate in deep moisturizing. After a soothing essential oil exfoliation on the legs and feet, a hydrating mask is applied, followed by nail and cuticle care.  Enjoy a relaxing leg and foot massage before your feet are slipped into socks that are enriched with Collagen and Vitamin E and wrapped in warm towels.



Powder Room Additions

Polish Change Hands $10 / Feet $13

Callous Treatment    $10

French Tip Polish     $10





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