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The program fee includes a nail supplies kit and a certificate of completion.


Session One

  • Nail Anatomy Basics
  • Caring for Your Nails
  • Manicure Overview 
  • Student Performs Manicure Steps & Polish

Session Two

  • Sanitation & Safety Practices
  • Pedicure Overview
  • Student Performs Pedicure Steps & Polish
  • Student Makes Moisturizing Lotion & Sugar Scrub

Session Three

  • Nail Art
  • Student Makes Cuticle Oil

Session Four

  • Professional Image
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Marketing

Nail School (Ages 8-15)

  • The Powder Room Nail School is a four-course program designed for girls to build their confidence and self-esteem while learning new skills. Students will learn basic nail anatomy, sanitation, manicuring, pedicuring, nail art, entrepreneurship, and how to make cuticle oil, sugar scrub, and moisturizing lotion.    

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